Remembering the Brave Eastern Armed Forces Memorial Games

For those who have never fired this match, we believe it is important to let you know that this is a very unique match and you will experience something that you do not experience anywhere else.  This match is both part of our mission in ensuring the names faces and deeds of our heroes are never forgotten and it stands as a fund raising event for the Remembering the Brave Foundation.

Within these multiple matches, there are numerous aggregates and each yard line is also it's own match that honors the memory of an American Hero who we lost to war and whose stories continue to be told to everyone in attendance.  We put action behind the words, "You will never be forgotten!"

Thank you for your interest in our important match and we look forward to meeting you as we celebrate the lives our our heroes together in the sport we all enjoy.

Here is a little more history on how this match came to exist:

The Midwestern Armed Forces Memorial Match in Colorado had two heroes who were honored within it (Namely: Marine SSgt Sam Holder and Marine LCpl Kyle Burns); these were LtCol Constantini's Marines.  When Col Constantini became the CO of Weapons Training Bn, he brought the Marine Rifle Team to CO to shoot the match as part of their national match shooting program, but to also honor the memory of his Marines and to meet with Gold Star families there.  After seeing the power of the program, he stated that he wanted to create a similar match in Quantico and his initiative gave rise to the Eastern Armed Forces Memorial Games we have now held aboard Quantico for the last 9 years over the (highly appropriate) Memorial Day weekend.  The proceeds from both matches permit Remembering the Brave to sustain its small programs to include the matches themselves each year as the foundation seeks to regain large donors in order to reconstitute the large and much more expensive ceremonies like the Legacy of Valor ceremony for the children of fallen service members.