Remembering the Brave Northern Armed Forces Memorial Match

Registration is OPEN!

May 14 is a Media/Vendor/Demo/Practice Day.


The Match is from 15-16 May – See the Match Bulletin for all details


Please READ the Match Bulletin, Register for the Match, and download the CMP Rules at the links below!






If you have questions or want to help or sponsor the match, please send your questions to the Match Organizer at the following email:

Be sure to download & read the rulebook noting the changes/updates in red.


Remember: Eye protection is required!

Competitors - we ask that you uphold decorum and be respectful as we gather for this match with the realization and focus that our purpose is to honor warriors who gave their lives serving our country.

For options on accommodations see: and go to the "hotel" tab or scroll down to "luxurious camping". More hotels can be found in Polaris & Delaware.


Check the link below for Match Updates!