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Northern Armed Forces Memorial Match sponsors

Cardinal Shooting Center.png

This is the second year that the Cardinal Shooting Center has sponsored the Remembering the Brave Northern Armed Forces Memorial Match. This organization and the magnificent people who work there and who volunteer there have been so gracious. We know they share in our mission to always remember those we have lost to war or as a result of their service to this great nation.


The incredible Civilian Marksmanship Program and the people who ensure their mission endures have been wonderful sponsors of this match since our inaugrual match in 2021. The CMP is so important as an organization in this country and as a sponsor for this match, we chose to put their logo as part of the Medallions we award to the first place winners. Please support the CMP and the programs they support.

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Red Feather Outfitters should be your preferred place for getting what you need for this sport. Please support them for all your competition needs and they'll keep giving back so that we "Always Remember!"

Accuracy X.png

Accuracy X is one of our enduring sponsors. This tremendous organization and the competitors they support are great additions to the RTB Legacy. Team Accuracy X are always competitive and they they live up to the name. Together, Remembering the Brave and Accuracy X ensure that the names, faces, and deeds of our American heroes are always remembered.

Brazos 2022.png

Brazos Bullet Company is a small business with a huge heart - and man do they do a great job making hole punchers. They are another enduring sponsor of the NAFMM and we are truly thankful to have them on our team. Please give them your greatest consideration for your future needs. Empty magazines are never happy.

Midway USA PNG Logo.png

We all know this great company. This family owned business continues to do great things for our sport and numerous others and their support for youth programs is a model for others to follow. We are very pleased to have Midway on our rolls as an ongoing sponsor for the Remembering the Brave Matches. Please give them your greatest consideration when you are in need of supplies of almost any kind. Thank you Midway!

Modern Defense Armory.png

Modern Defense Armory has graciously supported this wonderful match for the last two years. Their incredible donations have been phenomenal and we cannot thank them enough for the gratitude they have for our veterans and their desire to help Remembering the Brave ensure that the heroes we have lost to war are forever remembered. Thank you Modern Defense Armory! Together, we will continue the fight and help others come to know the heroes we all miss so very much.

Lowes has sponsored Remembering the Brave for many years now. They have provided significant discounts on lumber and other supplies that have supported literally thousands of awards for our competitors over fourteen years. They are our neighbors and they put action behind the words you'll never be forgotten. Thank you to the Lowes' Team. You're the best!


Mr. Alex Poltarac, Sr. is a great sponsor for our new match. Thank you very much for everything you do.


This wonderful family owned business has been so kind to us over the last two years. Please take a look at their offerings and frequent their website for your needs. Their car key "cat" fob is perfect for my two daughters and to carry with them. For that matter, this little device is handy for just about anyone. Get yours today and make sure you always use your open chamber indicator.

Curtis Custom Shop - What an incredible company. They have sponsored us every year of our match and we love having them on board. Give them a big shout out by visiting their website and getting what you need for the sport you love.

Allen Baker

Magnus Bullets

Canton - McKinley

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